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Author: EAdvisors

Battery Waste Authorisation for Dealers

An easy guide of the definition of dealer, procedure of applying for Battery Waste License, essential documents along with responsibilities followed by Dealers.

Battery Waste Authorization for Auctioneers

Guiding definition, procedure of Battery License, necessary documents and the responsibilities to be followed by Auctioneers.

Battery Waste Authorisation for Recyclers

An informational guide of who is a recycler, necessary documents, Filing Process of Battery License as well as responsibilities of him.

Battery Waste Authorization for Manufacturers Assemblers Re-conditioners

All about the definition, process of Battery license, essential documents and responsibilities played by manufacturer, assembler, re-conditioner.

Solid Waste Management Authorisation

Article on Solid Waste Management Authorisation, applicability, necessary documents required, Annual report, types of waste & duties of waste generator.

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