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Authorisation letter for GST Registration (partnership firm)

Authorisation letter is considerably the legal formality that is required to carry out business operations. It is an important aspect that is required for conducting day to day transaction in a business. It is a letter that enforces the responsibility to the third party for carrying out business operations.

Authorisation letter can be used for various purposes like to mention a few:

  1. For Registration under the Act
  2. For any amendment or cancellation of registration under the GST Act
  3. For signing the documents like GST Returns, Invoices, forms to be uploaded or submitted physically to GST department.
  4. For replying to the Notice received by GST Department
  5. For any other correspondence with the GST department on behalf of the firm.

Given below is the authorisation letter prepared by us for your convenience. You may alter it as per you need.


Declaration for Authorised Signatory


1.      <Name of Partner>(Aadhaar Card Number) W/O <Husband’s Name> R/O <Address>

2.      <Name of Partner> (Aadhaar Card Number) S/O <Father’s Name> R/O <Address>

3.      <Name of Partner> (Aadhaar Card Number) S/O <Father’s Nam> R/O <Address>

hereby solemnly affirm and declare that <Name of Authorised Signatory>, <Designation> act as an authorized signatory for the Partnership Firm, <Name of Partnership firm> for which application for registration is being filed under the Goods and Service Tax Act.

<Name of Authorised Signatory>, Partner of the <Nam of Partnership Firm> is authorised to sign all the necessary applications, undertakings and such other documents as may be necessary for the GST application on behalf of the company.




Acceptance as an authorized signatory


I, <Name of Authorised Signatory> hereby solemnly accord my acceptance to act as authorized signatory for the above referred business and all my acts shall be binding on the business.

Signature of Authorised Signatory

(Name of Authorised Signatory)

(Designation of Authorised Signatory)





*The Authorisation Letter must be printed on the Letter head of the firm*

Hope, this Authorisation Letter for GST Registration is easy for you to understand.

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