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Batteries Importers Registration

Batteries Importers Registration is mandatory for every manufacturer, importer, reconditioner, assembler, dealer, recycler, auctioneer, consumer and bulk consumer. To apply for Battery Registration, consult EAdvisors.


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Batteries Importers Registration

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CPCB will grant the registration of Batteries Importers Registration after the approval is received by the government department.

Battery Importer Registration


As per the provision under Rule 5 of Battery (Management and Handling) Rules 2001, all the importers shall get registered with the Central Pollution Control Board by submitting an application in Form II for a period of five years.

And as per the provision, these rules shall be applicable to every stack holder, such as manufacturer, importer, reconditioner, assembler, dealer, recycler, auctioneer, consumer and bulk consumer involved in manufacturing, processing, sale, purchase and use of batteries or components thereof.

Dated 1st March 2013, in order to improve the efficiency of existing manual processing system, and better management of New Lead Battery Importers Registration, Central Pollution Control Board launched the web-based Battery Registration Management System.

With the objective to help CPCB in online monitoring of Battery registration, processing grant of registration for importers of New Lead Acid Batteries and submitting half yearly returns, the BRMS came into existence. Moreover, being an online system will also reduce the time for processing of battery application as well as verification; scrutinization of half yearly returns received from various importers; Tracking of distribution and sale of new batteries by registered recyclers and brings out transparency in the system of on-line battery registration.     


To apply for a new registration, the applicant shall need to follow a process whose steps are mentioned below.

Step 1 : Applicant is required to visit the online portal where the batteries importers registration is done.

Step 2 : After that, the applicant shall be required to apply for the grant of registration by filling the “New Importer Registration Form”.  You will find at the right-hand side, blue colored heading named as New Importer Registration. Click on it and you will see the new importer registration form displayed in front of you.

New importer will register himself by filing the form and then the system will generate the user id and password for him to login as importer

Step 3 :  When the application form is complete to proceed further then, the applicant shall select the “Submit” option and submit the physical copy of the application on their letterhead, enclosing the following documents:-

  1. Printouts of Form II and Form III taken out from the online application with their stamp and signature on it.
  2. Self-attested copy of Import-Export Certificate

Step 4 : The application submitted shall take 7 days to process to proceed and get accepted.

*Note:- The Batteries Importers Registration shall be issued only at the corporate address or branch address specified on IEC Certificate.

Step 5 : Firstly the verification is conducted by the Nodal officer and then he or she shall forward the application to the In-Charge of Hazardous Waste Management (HWM)  division .

The in-charge will review the application and send it back to CPCB user account for seeking approval from competent authority or rejection. After approval from competent authority in charge will forward the application to the Nodal Officer. CPCB users will generate the certificate and send to the in charge for signature

*Note:- The importer who are previously registered by MOEF&CC desirous to get registered with CPCB may apply for it. However, they shall surrender original registration certificate issue by MOEF&CC along with the application.


The Batteries Registration Management System is a web based as well as user friendly which provides with the below mentioned activities, namely:-

  • Online Registration of Battery Importers
  • Submission of Half yearly Return by battery Importers
  • Processing and verification of fresh/renewal application based on half yearly returns received.
  • Issue of Grant/Rejection letter by CPCB to importers
  • Generation of various reports like application status details, half yearly returns, follow of action and other reports as per the CPCB requirements
  • Online Status of application received, registration granted, detail of incomplete applications and application rejected
  • Access to port authorities to verify the registration status and evaluation of half-yearly returns filed by the importers of new lead acid batteries.


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) as issued a notice for all registered importers of new lead acid batteries. Here is the notice:-

Notice for non-complying importers:-

As per Rule 4 of the Batteries (Management & Handling) Rules, 2001 as amended in 2010, it is mandatory for every importer to file half-yearly returns to State Pollution Control Board with a copy to CPCB.

It has been observed that many of the registered importers are not filling the half-yearly returns thereby violating the conditions given under the said Rule. Non-submission of half-yearly returns may result into suspension of registration granted to their company under Rule 5 of Batteries (M&H) Rules, 2001 as amended thereof.


For renewal of Battery Importer Registration, no physical copy of application would be necessary. Applicant shall submit an application for renewal at the BRMS portal within 45 days prior to the validity period.

Renewal of application will be processed online for issuance within 7 days subject to verification of the following:-

  • Importer has submitted half-yearly returns regularly at the BRMS portal or submitted hard copies to SPCB and CPCB.
  • In case returns were submitted to SPCB, self-certified copies of the same will be considered
  • In case the applicants irregular in filing HYR or files a return at the time of renewal application. The applicant may be allowed to file previous returns after giving an undertaking in an affidavit. And the renewal remains valid for 1 year.
  • In-charge of HWM Division shall be granting the renewal of registration to importers of new lead acid batteries


Re-activation of Suspended or Cancelled registration within the validity period or after the validity period of such cancelled / suspended registration may be considered in following cases; –

  • Importer may submit an undertaking in an affidavit ensuring timely submission – however, validity of such renewal will be for a period of 1 year.
  • Further, in case of non-compliance during such 1 year validity period, no further re-activation or renewal of registration may be considered.

 Re-activation of such registrations shall be approved by Member Secretary. Following which, letters for re-activation of registration shall be issued by in-charge HWMD.

Answer to your queries

Batteries Importers Registration

Battery Importers Registration is a kind of registration that is applicable on every manufacturer, importer, re-conditioner, assembler, dealer, recycler, auctioneer, consumer and bulk consumer those are involved in manufacture, processing, sale, purchase and use of batteries or components thereof.

CPCB stands for Central Pollution Control Board,

Hazardous Waste Management Division
Central Pollution Control Board
Parivesh Bhawan
East Arjun Nagar

Contact Numbers

011-22307643 (telefax)

As per the provision under Rule 5 of Batteries (M&H)Rules 2001 and as amended in May 2010, responsibility for granting registration to importers of the new lead acid batteries has been delegated by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change  to Central Pollution Control Board w.e.f 4th May 2010.


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