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Checking your GST Registration Status in 5 minutes or less

Page Contents
1. Introduction to GST Registration Status
2. Process of checking GST Registration Status
3. Types of GST Registration Application Statuses
4. What is ARN?
5. Format of ARN
6. What is SRN?
7. Conclusion

Introduction to GST Registration Status

GST registration status can easily be checked in a few simple steps. We’ll guide you through the process, from registering your business for GST to finding out your GST registration status. Check your GST registration now and find out if you’re eligible to claim any GST-related benefits.

Process of checking GST Registration Status

  1. Visit the GST Portal  to check GST Registration Status

The primary step in checking the GST Registration status is to open the GST portal through any search engine. By searching on google you will find the GST website which you need to click and proceed further. After that, the portal of GST will be visible to you to check GST Registration Status.

  1. Search for Track Application Status

In order to check your GST Registration status, the second step is to select the option of “services”. Under Services there shall be various other options provided, namely:-

  1. Choose “Track Application Status” from the GST Portal menu

Here comes the last step involved in “checking your GST registration status in 5 minutes or less”. After selecting the option “Track Application Status”, from the module section select the “Registration” option.

In addition to it, below, automatically ARN option will be selected so that you enter the correct ARN and find your GST Registration Status in less time. And that was it! Such a quick and hassle-free process of checking your GST Registration Status.

Moreover, for your knowledge, there are in total 8 ARN statuses which you may find after checking your GST Registration Status, namely:-

Types of GST Registration Application Statuses

  1. Pending for Processing
  2. Site Verification Assigned
  3. Site Verification Completed
  4. Pending for Clarification
  5. Clarification filed– Pending for Order
  6. Clarification not filed – Pending for order
  7. Approved
  8. Rejected

*ARN – Application Reference Number

What is ARN?

ARN is generated after you have applied for GST Registration. A GST Registration Application is processed after 15 days of application however, a gst user may check the gst registration status through online platform from GST portal.

Format of ARN

ARN is a 15-digit alphanumeric code that is unique number assigned for every transaction completed or that happened at the GST Common Portal. Also, ARN generation takes place on submitting the Enrollment Application, which is electronically signed using DSC.

Let us look at the format of ARN:-

AB  07  09  40  123456  1
07State Code
123456Six digit System Generated Code
1Check Sum Digit

*SRN – Service Request Number

What is SRN?

SRN is generated when an application for GST Registration is filed on MCA Portal. The application is made through SPICE AGILE (INC-35) form. After the successful submission of the application, the Service Request Number is allotted.


Thus, this was all about the process of checking a gst registration status. Stay tuned for more information like this on our EAdvisors Blogs.

Get Professional Guidance for Any Other Questions Regarding Your GST Registration Status

The GST e-Filing website may not provide all the information you may be looking for when it comes to GST registration. If you have any other questions related to your GST registration, such as what documents are required or how long is the process expected to take, you can contact a professional CA/tax consultant who can help answer all your queries in-depth.

We, at EAdvisors are always there to help you, to guide you the right track. From getting your GST Registration done to checking the gst srn status check or filing GST returns, we are there to assist you with the best possible manner.

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