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UPDATE   DPCC issued show cause notice to 1278 recyclers under Plastic Waste Management Rule, 2016 on 27th October.

DPCC Compliance

A comprehensive guide to DPCC compliance and various issues a unit owner or unit in charge must know.

DPCC Introduction

A comprehensive guide to Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), its setup and statutory recognition, roles and responsibilities.


DPCC Consent

A unit/ establishment/ hospital/ restaurant/other specified person has to get DPCC consent for operating activity in Delhi.

DPCC Annual Return Filing

All about DPCC Returns and forms that unit holder is required to file with DPCC Department.

DG Set Norms

DPCC department has prohibited DG set of 120 KVA or more operating through diesel in Delhi.

EPR Compliance

A comprehensive guide on EPR registration, record and annual compliance.

BMW Compliance

A comprehensive guide on BMW registration, record, annual compliance.


PWM Compliance

A comprehensive guide on PWM registration, record, annual compliance.

DPCC Records

DPCC required unit owners or unit in charges to prepare records, register and file return of waste generate during financial year.

DPCC Penalties and Appeals

There are many action which are recognized as offence under DPCC and penalties has been provided under different sections.

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