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DPCC Green Category

DPCC Green Category

The industries coming under the green category have a pollution index from 21 to 40. Some of these industries are into bakery items, injection moulding items without reprocessing, Plastic Processed Goods without plastic carry bags / plastic sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodity, assembly and repair of electrical gadgets, embroidery, saw mill, aerated water and fruit beverages, paper products, etc. These industries have to submit a consent certificate before establishing their industry and certificate to operate afterward.

Validity of Consent to Establishment for Green Category Activities

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) issue consent to establishment (CTE) with validity of 1 year. Applicant is not required to get this license renew once issued by the state pollution department.

Validity of Consent to Operate of Green Category Activities

Consent to operate also called as CTO, under green category can be applied after successful submission of consent to establishment application. Applicant can made consent to operate application for maximum period of 10 years. Applicant can renew consent to operate application on expiry of consent.

Contact EAdvisors DPCC team for getting more information and registration of DPCC.

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List of Documents required for DPCC Green Category

  1. Pan Card of entity (Proprietor, Firm, Company)
  2. Aadhaar Card of Applicant email id
  3. Electricity Bill (not mandatory)
  4. Water Bill along with water consumption
  5. CETP Bill
  6. Maintenance Bill
  7. Process flow
  8. Raw material consumption along with finished product manufacturing
  9. CA Certification (certification of gross investment in land and building & plant and machinery)
  10. Project report having complete detail of unit
  11. Undertaking in prescribed format
  12. Authorisation letter (not required in case of proprietorship business)
  13. MAP
  14. Ownership proof or Rent Agreement as the case may
  15. Trade effluent, if any
  16. DG Set Detail, if any etc

How to Obtain DPCC Consent for Green Category units

Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the DPCC Department & will follows-up with DPCC Department. For more information contact our customer care on 9910000833 or 

List of activities falling under green category of Delhi Pollution Control Committee

S.No.Activity NameCategoryHazardousCategorization /Classification as per Office OrderRequirement of Pollution Control Device for Effluent (STP/ETP/O & G Trap etc.)Requirement of Pollution Control Device for Emission(ECS/Dust Collector etc.)(Boiler/Furnace considered as Oil Fired.)
1Aluminium Doors/Windows/ Fittings/Furniture, Aluminium Wares, Aluminium Products(without buffing,anodizing/ casting)GREENNOINONO
2Aluminium -Wares, moulds of cakes and pastry(without buffing, anodizing/ casting)GREENNOINONO
3Annealing using Electric Furnace/OvenGREENNOINONO
4Apparel Making (without washing ,dyeing &bleaching and boiler)GREENNOINONO
5Assembling of Central Industrial Machinery(such as hydraulic equipments, drilling equipments, boilers etc.)GREENNOINONO
6Assembling of Industrial trucks, trailers, stakers etc.GREENNOINONO
7Automobile fuel outlets (only dispensing)GREENNOINONO
8Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines (without boiler / Furnace)GREENYESII(b)NONO
9Bakelite Powder mfg. using Phenol Formaldehyde Resin As Raw Material and Bakelite ProductsGREENNOII(b)NOYES
10Battery Containers (PVC Section)GREENNOINONO
11Brake Lining without use of AsbestosGREENNOINONO
12Buffing on MetalGREENNOII(b)NOYES
13Candles (electrical/LPG heating)GREENNOINONO
14Cardboard or corrugated box and Paper products( paper or pulp mfg excluded)GREENNOINONO
15Cashewnut Processing Plants (Dry Process)GREENNOINONO
16Cement products (Small Scale)GREENNOII(b)YESNO
17Cement Tiles Using Fly Ash (without Trade Effluent Discharge)GREENNOII(b)NONO
18Cement Tiles Using Fly Ash (with Trade Effluent Discharge)GREENNOII(b)YESYES
19Chilling Plants and Cold Storages (Integrated) (Excluding meat/ food processing) without trade effluentGREENNOINONO
20Chilling Plants and Cold Storages (Integrated) (Excluding meat/ food processing) with Trade Effluent DischargeGREENNOII(b)YESNO
21Chilly Powder (Grinding Activity)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
22Coated Cotton Fabrics (PVC Rexene Cloth)GREENNOII(b)NONO
23Cold Re-Rolling without Pickling of S .S. Sheets (with capacity less than 25 MT/ day)GREENNOINONO
24Colour/Black & White Photostudio with Film Development ProcessGREENNOII(b)YESNO
25Concrete and Mosaic Products (with Trade Effluent Discharge)GREENNOII(b)YESYES
26Conduit Pipes (Plastic) using fresh raw materialGREENNOINONO
27Conduit Pipes (Plastic) using plastic scrap without trade effluent dischargeGREENNOII(b)NONO
28Confectionery without Trade Effluent and having electric oven without boilerGREENNOINONO
29Confectionery without Trade Effluent and having electric oven without oil fired furnaceGREENNOINONO
30Confectionery without Trade Effluent and having Gas Stove without Boiler/Oil Fired FurnaceGREENNOINONO
31Contact Lens (with Trade Effluent)GREENNOII(b)YESNO
32Copper / Aluminium Re-Rolling Industry(Foils and Strips Etc.) with Capacity less than 25MT/DayGREENNOII(b)NONO
33Cotton GinningGREENNOII(b)NONO
34Cutting, Sizing and Polishing of Marble StonesGREENNOII(b)YESYES
35Dairy farm (Stand-alone or isolated dairy farm having up to 14 animals) having its effluent discharge in drainGREENNOII(b)YESNO
36Dairy farm (Stand-alone or isolated dairy farm having up to 14 animals) having its effluent discharge in sewerGREENNOII(b)YESNO
38Detergent (without bhatti)GREENNOINONO
39Dilution and Packaging of Surface Finishing Additives without Trade Effluent DischargeGREENNOINONO
40Dismantling of E-waste manuallyGREENNOINONO
41Distilled WaterGREENNOII(b)YESNO
42Electrical Wire and Cables (Upto 100 Workers, 2000 Sqm Plot)GREENNOINONO
43EVA Footwear and EVA CompoundGREENNOINONO
44Expanded Metal with Hot ProcessGREENNOII(b)NONO
45Facility of handling, storage and transportation of food grains in bulkGREENNOINONO
47Flour Mills with trade effluent discharge.GREENNOII(b)YESYES
48Flyash export, transport & disposal facilitiesGREENNOINONO
49Food and Fruit Processing Industry -Bakery (Bread & Biscuit) / Blanco CakesGREENNOII(b)YESNO
50Footwear (rubber)GREENNOII(b)NONO
51Formulation of synthetic detergent powder( without washing / dry process)GREENNOINONO
52Furniture wooden and steel (without saw mill, painting and phosphating)GREENNOINONO
53Gaushala having its effluent discharge in DrainGREENNOII(b)YESNO
54Gaushala having its effluent discharge in SewerGREENNOII(b)YESNO
55Glass Processing (Cutting, Grinding, Polishing etc.) without Trade Effluent Discharge and without FurnaceGREENNOII(b)NONO
56Gold and Silver Smithy (Dry Process)GREENNOII(b)NONO
57Grinding and surfacing of Optical Lenses (Dry Process)GREENNOII(b)NONO
58Grinding of Rubber / PVCGREENNOII(b)NONO
59Gutka Manufacturing involving Mixing & Grinding processGREENNOII(b)NOYES
60Hotel/ Guest Houses having less than 20 rooms (double bed) or 40 rooms (single bed) (excluding 3 Star and above) – connected to / Discharging Effluent into Public / Municipal / DJB Sewer and not having Kitchen and / or Laundry without BoilerGREENNOII(b)NONO
61Hotels (up to 20 rooms and without boilers)GREENNOINONO
62Household/kitchen appliances (assembly)GREENNOINONO
63Insulation and other coated paper (Paper or pulp mfg excluded) without using boiler/ furnaceGREENNOINONO
64Manufacturing/formulation of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Not involved in the process – Production and /or industrial use of solvents and Production and/or industrial use of paints, pigments, lacquers ,varnishes, plastics and inks)GREENNOINONO
65Manufacturing of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Products (without using any Heating Equipment) with BuffingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
66Manufacturing of Footwear Uppers using AdhesiveGREENYESII(b)NONO
67Manufacturing of Ice without Trade Effluent DischargeGREENNOII(b)NONO
68Manufacturing of Kali Mehandi / Hair Colour in Powder form (Grinding and mixing only)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
69Manufacturing of Menthol and its allied products without Boiler / FurnaceGREENNOINONO
70Manufacturing of Plastic carry bags (more than 50 microns) without printingGREENNOINONO
71Manufacturing of Plastic sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodity (more than 50 microns) without printingGREENNOINONO
72Manufacturing of PVC Granules and Other Injection Moulded Items (without Reprocessing Activity)GREENNOINONO
73Manufacturing of Sensitized Papers/Laminated Papers using Paper as Raw MaterialGREENNOINONO
74Manufacturing of soaps involving processes without generation of trade effluents and using electricity/LPG/NG/as source of fuelGREENNOINONO
75Manufacturing of Soaps (without Trade Effluent)GREENNOINONO
76Manufacturing of Soaps (without Trade Effluent)GREENNOINONO
77Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Utensils (with Buffing Activity)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
78Manufacturing of Surface Cleaning and Impregnation Products based on Nanotechnology without HeatingGREENNOII(b)YESNO
79Manufacturing of UF Powder (Melamine Powder) using Urea Formaldehyde Resin as Raw MaterialGREENNOII(b)NOYES
80Marbles Stone ItemsGREENNOII(b)YESNO
81Mfg. of Auto parts with induction hardening (cooling by water) without trade effluent dischargeGREENNOINONO
82Mineralised Water/Water Treatment PlantGREENNOII(b)YESNO
83Mineral stack yard/ Railway sidingsGREENNOINONO
84Moulding using UF/PF Powder without buffingGREENNOINONO
85Oil and gas transportation pipelineGREENYESINONO
86Oil ginning/expelling(no hydrogenation/ refining ) without trade effluent and boilerGREENNOINONO
87Optical framesGREENNOINONO
88Packaging & Processing of tobacco/pan masala/gutka without using plastic material in any form (without trade effluent)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
89Pan Masala (Mixing Only)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
90Paper Gum using fuel for heating without effluent dischargeGREENNOII(b)NONO
91Parafin Wax Refining Excluding Chlorinated Paraffin Wax Purification – Dry ProcessGREENNOII(b)NONO
92Pipeline Transport for Petroleum Product ProjectsGREENNOII(b)NONO
93Plastic Processed Goods without plastic carry bags / plastic sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodityGREENNOINONO
94Plastic Processed Goods without plastic carry bags / plastic sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodityGREENNOINONO
95Polythene, Plastic and PVC Goods through Extrusion Moulding (without use of Scrap)GREENNOINONO
96Polythene, Plastic and PVC Goods through Extrusion Moulding (without use of Scrap)without plastic carry bags / plastic sheets or like used for packing, wrapping the commodityGREENNOINONO
97Powder Coating without phosphatingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
98Processing of Condiments, Spices, Groundnuts and Dal EtcGREENNOII(b)NOYES
99Process Involving BuffingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
100Pulverizing unitsGREENNOII(b)NOYES
101PVC Footwear (Using Fresh Raw Material)GREENNOINONO
102Railway Stations(Waste water generation < 10 KLD)GREENNOIYESNO
103Readymade Garment with Electric/ Gas fired boiler (without Washing/Dyeing)GREENNOII(b)NONO
104Ready Mix Concrete Plants (without trade effluent discharge)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
105Ready Mix Concrete Plants (with trade effluent discharge)GREENNOII(b)YESYES
106Refilling of adhesive and not generating hazardous wasteGREENNOINONO
107Refurbishing of E-waste(Without discharge of trade effluent and use of fuel)GREENYESII(b)NONO
108Re-rolling mill hot (oil or gas fired) (with capacity less than 25 MT/ day)GREENNOII(b)NONO
110Rubber Auto Parts Excluding Production of Tyres And Tubes (without Reclamation And Devulcanisation of Rubber)GREENNOII(b)NONO
111Rubber Compound for Rubber Footwears (without Reclamation and Devulcanisation of Rubber)GREENNOII(b)NONO
112Rubber goods Industry excluding production of tyres and tubes (without reclamation and devulcanisation of rubber)GREENNOII(b)NONO
113Rubber moulded goods excluding production of tyres and tubes (without reclamation and devulcanisation of rubber)GREENNOII(b)NONO
115Scientific and mathematical instrument assembly onlyGREENNOINONO
116Service and Repairing of Auto Electrical Spare PartsGREENNOINONO
117Shot BlastingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
118Soap, Detergent Cake and Powder, Scouring Power and Bar (W/O Trade Effluent)GREENNOINONO
119Sodium Silicate Industry (with Capacity Upto 1 Ton/Day)GREENNOII(b)NOYES
120Spectacles and Optical Frames (Plastic Products)GREENNOINONO
121Spice GrindingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
122Stainless steel rerolling and anealling (with capacity less than 25 MT/ day)GREENNOII(b)NONO
123Stainless Steel Rerolling (Hot) (with capacity less than 25 MT/ day)GREENNOII(b)NONO
124Stamp pads (without trade effluent)GREENNOINONO
125Steel Re-Rolling Industry (less than 25 TPD)GREENNOII(b)NONO
126Steeping and Processing of GrainsGREENNOII(b)NONO
127Supari (Betelnut) and Pan Masala GrindingGREENNOII(b)NOYES
128Thermometer making, without trade effluentGREENNOII(b)NONO
129Tyre Retreading (without Boiler)GREENNOII(b)NONO
130Varnish Coating without FurnaceGREENYESII(b)NONO
131Water Softening and Demineralised PlantsGREENNOII(b)YESNO
132Wire Drawing (without Pickling/ Galvanizing)GREENNOINONO
133Wooden Furniture (without Saw Milling)GREENNOINONO
134Wooden toys and assembly toys and assembly of all types of toysGREENNOINONO

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