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How to get DPCC Consent

How to get DPCC Consent?

Starting up a factory, hotel, hospital, mall etc in Delhi would required many registration and DPCC consent is one them. DPCC consent i.e, consent to establishment, required before setting up of unit. I am trying to give you step by step guide on getting pollution consent from Delhi Pollution Control Committee

Before discussing about the procedure to get dpcc consent lets discuss about the validity of dpcc consent/ dpcc noc/ dpcc authorisation/ dpcc licence along with units or entity who should apply for dpcc consent and applicable government fee for apply dpcc consent.

Validity of DPCC Consent

Consent to Establishment:- Consent to establishment is valid for one year for green category and orange category.

Consent to Operate:- Consent to operate is valid for 5 years for orange category consent where as 10 years for green category consent.

Who should apply for DPCC Consent?

Any business activity or an institution which generates, collects, receives, stores, transports, treats, disposes and/or handles any kind of industrial or commercial or individual waste in any manner, except clinics, dispensaries, pathological laboratories, blood banks providing treatment / service to less than 1000 (one thousand) patients per month, is required to make an application in Form I to the prescribed authority (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) for grant of Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO)

What is the government fee for apply DPCC?

  • Operator of the facility of Bio Medical Waste(excluding transportation), Rs.10,000/-per annum.
  • Transporter of Bio Medical Waste Rs .7500/-per annum
  • Clinics, Path Labs and Blood Banks Rs. 1000/-per annum.
  • Vet.Instt., Dispensaries & Animal Houses Rs. 1000/- per annum.
  • Hospitals,Nursing Homes &Health Care Establishments upto 4 beds Rs. 1000/- per annum and additional Rs. 100 per bed per annum from fifth bed onwards.
  • Fee for State Board Consent for Health Care Establishments / Units run by Govt. / Govt. Body/ Non Profit Organization is Rs. 100 /- per year

Step wise procedure to get dpcc consent/ dpcc licence, dpcc noc, dpcc authorisation?

Step 1- Identify your business process

Identification of business process is the first and the most important step to obtain dpcc consent. DPCC has classified category in four major heads

  • Red category
  • Orange category
  • Green category
  • white category

Step 2- Identification of DPCC activities

Once major category has been selected, next step to identification of dpcc activity from major category.

Step 3- Preparation of documents- following documents required for making application with DPCC -Delhi Pollution Control Committee

List of documents required for white category

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ownership proof or rent agreement
  • Gross Investment in land and Building & Plant and Machinery (CA Certificate not required for white category)
  • Electricity Bill
  • Water consumption
  • Product detail etc

List of documents required for Green and Orange Category

  • PAN Card of entity (Firm or company)
  • PAN Card of applicant (proprietor, partner, director)
  • Aadhaar Card along with mobile number liked with aadhaar card
  • Ownership proof or rent agreement
  • Gross Investment in land and Building & Plant and Machinery (CA Certificate required for green and white category)
  • Electricity Bill
  • Water consumption along with water consumption detail
  • Product detail along with consumption of raw material
  • CETP Bill
  • Maintenance Bill
  • Process Flow
  • Project report
  • Undertaking as per prescribed format of DPCC
  • Number of employees works
  • Trade effluent, if any
  • Stack, if any etc

Step 4 – Filing of application with dpcc department

This is crucial step, if you have knowledge about dpcc act and rules only then you should apply dpcc application online on dpcc portal. In recent years DPCC department is very activity in levy hefty penalties on units and this may also cost closure of unit. Alternately you can hire dpcc consultant for obtaining dpcc consent/ dpcc noc/ dpcc license/ dpcc authorisation.

How to get DPCC consent?

For more information about DPCC, Fee Structure of DPCC, Drafting of application, reply to notice issued by dpcc, or any matter related with dpcc contact our expert team

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