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One Person Company Registration

Are you in search of someone who could help you register an OPC? Then, here are We, EAdvisors to help in forming your own OPC. Pay the minimum required amount as per the requirement and the remaining you can pay later after successful completion of OPC Registration.

What you get?

  • Director Identification Number (DIN for 1)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC for 1)
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN of OPC)
  • Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA and AOA


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One Person Company Registration in India

Get your One Person Company registered in 10 days.
With EAdvisors professionals

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Discussion with Expert

EAdvisors expert will contact you to discuss about registration process, documents required and resolve your queries.

Drafting of Application

Drafting of different applications and documents are done by the experts for proper filing with the department concerned.

Issuance of Certificate

Concerned ROC will issue certificate of incorporation for OPC i.e One Person Company if it thinks all the filing are done in proper order. 


As per the provision of Section 2 (62) of the Companies Act, 2013, one person company means a company having only one person as a member, shall be eligible to incorporate a One Person Company; shall be a nominee for the sole member of a One Person Company.

One Person Company is a company that can be owned and managed by a single Entrepreneur. To boost the individuals to launch their self-owned businesses and earn well, this new concept of One Person Company has been introduced by the Companies Act, 2013. Under this newly launched concept named OPC, one can enjoy the benefit of a separate legal entity along with it, can avail relaxations. This is an opportunity for small traders, and service providers to venture into business by expanding their opportunities through corporate identity.
With the presence of only one member and one nominee, One Person Company can be incorporated.
Let us now dive into the eligibility criteria to get more information.


  1. The prime benefit of OPC Registration is that you can avail the advantage of Limited Liability. Where you, (being the owner of OPC) have your property safe with you and in case of debt or loss in the company you will be unaffected.
  2. The another major benefit is that of a Separate Legal Entity. Where in case of death of the owner or any mishap, the business will not be closed as the other existing members or the nominee can run the business. The OPC Company can be continued by the members and on the basis of their preference they can execute the business.
  3. Third comes the most likeable benefit, i.e Easy Fund Raising. One Person Company has high chances of raising funds through venture capital, angel investors, incubators etc. As OPC having a legal existence in the market, the banks and other financial institutions feel secure to grant them funds.
  4. Not to forget the most wanted benefit that we search for in a company, that is Less Compliances. We all know that in all other companies there are very much compliances which further leads to high charges. So, as compared to other high compliance companies, One Person Company is the one with very less of compliances. Also, some exemptions are granted in relation to the applicable compliances. Like, there is no requirement to prepare a cash flow statement and no requirement to appoint the Company Secretary for signing the annually filed documents.
  5. One Person Company is a company which can be Easily Managed. Having one person running the business makes it easy to make quick decisions without consulting anyone.


To become a member of an One Person Company, the Companies Act prescribes the criteria which must be followed. The eligibility criteria states:-

1. Only a natural person who is an Indian Citizen and Resident of India (ROI) shall be allowed to act as a member and nominee of an OPC.

*Natural Person – a person who is not a minor and has their own legal personality is termed as a natural person.

*Resident of India – is a person who has stayed in India for a period of not less than one hundred and eighty two days during the immediately preceding one financial year.

2. A person who is a minor, any foreign citizen, non-resident or a person disabled by the contractual terms are not eligible to become a member.


The following mentioned are the documents necessarily required to get your One Person Company registered.

The Required Documents of the Applicant are as follows:

  1. Aadhaar Card or Voter ID of the applicant
  2. PAN Card or passport in case of foreign national or NRIs
  3. Passport-size photo of the applicant

The Required Documents of the Registered Office are as follows:

  1. Current Bank Account Statement
  2. Rent Agreement
  3. NOC from the landowner
  4. Property or Sale Deed
  5. Electricity or Water Bill


  1. Conducting One Board Meeting in each half of the calendar year and the time gap between two board meetings should not be less than 90 Days.
  2. Filing of Annual Forms namely, Form AOC-4 which is for filing financial statement and Form MGT-7 for Annual return filing.
  3. Proper Books of Accounts
  4. Filing of business income tax returns
  5. Conducting statutory audit of financial statements
  6. TDS filing for all quarters
  7. ESI Registration (if employees more than 10)
  8. Enrolling of VAT


  1. There is no requirement to hold Annual General Meetings every year.
  2. There appears no requirement to get the company’s financial statement signed by the Company Secretary, as it can be signed by the Director.
  3. Non compulsory to prepare cash flow statement
  4. No need to call Board Meetings
  5. One Person Company does not require filing of an Audit Report on matters related to internal financial matters.

Below are the sections which are not applicable on OPC:

  1. Section 98 : Power of Tribunal to call meetings of members
  2. Section 100 : Calling of EGM
  3. Section 101 and 102 : Notice of meeting and statements to be annexed to Notice
  4. Section 103 : Quorum of Meetings
  5. Section 104 : Chairman of Meetings
  6. Section 105 : Proxies
  7. Section 106 :Restriction on Voting Rights
  8. Section 107 : Voting by show of hands
  9. Section 108 : Voting through electronic mode
  10. Section 109 : Voting through Poll
  11. Section 110 : Voting through Postal Ballot
  12. Section 111 : Circulation of Member’s Resolution

One Person Company Registration

Step by Step Registration Process

Filing application to obtain DSC

The primary step is obtaining DSC. DSC is the token that allows the designated director to file annual documents and returns. DSC proves to be an important compliance.

Submitting Name Approval Application

We shall check the name availability of your OPC to be registered and guide you how and what should be the name of your One Person Company. After that, we will submit the name approval application with MCA.

Filing of documents with MCA

Main form i.e SPICe form which also includes SPICe-MOA and SPICe-AOA shall be filed on MCA portal. By filing this, PAN and TAN are automatically granted at the time of incorporation.

Grant of Certificate of Incorporation

After proper verification of documents, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) shall issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

How we work

Day 1

The first day is when a client sends documents. The day when we receive the client’s documents that are required for the registration process and on the same day itself we draft and apply for name approval application.

Day 2-3

Within 2-3 days, name approval application is accepted. And on the same day itself, application to obtain DSC i.e. (Digital Signature Certificate) is also filed from our side to work with efficiency.

Day 4

Now when name of OPC is approved and DSC is also obtained, it’s time to begin with drafting of  documents for incorporation purpose.

Day 5-10

After the ROC is done with inspection of documents, the certificate of incorporation shall be received with us and we shall send it over to you as the earliest.

PAN Card

PAN is Permanent Account Number and is included in our package itself. No extra charge is required to be paid.


TAN is Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number.

Digital Signature Certificate

Our package includes Digital Signature Certificate for one director.

Director Identification Number

Director Identification number is unique number allotted by ROC and our package includes DSC for one director.

Registration Certificate

ROC issue certificate of incorporation of One Person Company (OPC).


Drafting and submission of Memorandum  (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) is also covered under this package.

What you get in this package?

We are offering you ultimate package of registration of  OPC

EAdvisors OPC Registration package provides you DIN for 1, DSC for 1, PAN No. of OPC, TAN, COI, MOA and AOA.

Quality Efficient Services

We at EAdvisors are here with our professional services and experts to serve you. We have successfully satisfied our clients with their requirements since a long time and will continue it all time. EAdvisors has 99 % of customer retention ratio.

Our Quality work says it all!

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24*7 Support

To provide constant support to our customers, we are available on WhatsApp as well as on Email. For consulting us directly you may call or WhatsApp us at: +91 991 0000 833 To resolve your complicated query, contact us through Email Id

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Dedicated Professional guidance

Professional experts of company registration are here at your service to assist you in incorporating companies. For making it hassle free procedure we will be assisting you a professional who will be there throughout your company registration. Your work is our duty and in the hands of our experts.

Experience the upgraded professional services from EAdvisors!

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Our work is to provide with best of services and that too with transparency. We aim to make clients that goes long with us and stay satisfied with our variety of services. No hidden charges exist and everything will be informed to you well in advance.

So, stay secured with our transparency!

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Timely Completion

With guaranteed 10-12 days registration, we provide our clients with issuance of Certificate by ROC. Considering one day when documents will be received by us from our clients, then other two days for name approval procedure that is considered by ROC and another day for filing application for Incorporation of Company. On 10th day as we commit, will provide you with certificate of incorporation,

Committed to Work! Committed to Quality!

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Promise confidentially

We have achieved alot in past years and aiming to increase it in future as well and that became possible because of our motto to keep our clients information secure with us. Stay confident while dealing with EAdvisors, your every single information will stay private with us.

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OPC registration

EAdvisors offers you various benefits

No Hidden Fees

EAdvisors is a well-known company, popular for its quality work and therefore no hidden or extra is charged by our clients.


Fast and Easy

By just sharing your documents with us on WhatsApp or email, you will get your dream company ready within 10 days only.


Order Registration

You will be given a Unique Order No. for you to track the status of company registration process. We offer this unique tracking method to given them a sense satisfaction that their work is our utmost priority. 

Secure Payments

Once the registration process gets started and payment is also made, it is our duty and responsibility to keep your payment secure and in return registering your company.

Use Local Currency

Being a company established in India, we will be accepting the payment in Indian Currency through any of the online mode of transfer.

Intelligent Working method

As the world is also getting advance within time, we have also established online way of accepting documents and creating your company.

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Factors To Be ConsideredPrivate Limited CompanyOne Person CompanySole proprietorshipLimited Liability PartnershipPartnership Firm
Ideal ForStartup and growing CompaniesSingle promotersSmall Traders and ManufacturersProfessionalsSmall business & Home Business
Requirements2 Directors/Shareholders1 Director/Shareholder1 Proprietor2 Partners2 Partners
Initial InvestmentNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Tax AdvantagesFew benefitsFew benefitsMinimalMost efficientMinimal
Limited Liability ProtectionYesYesNoYesNo
Time Taken5-10 days5-10 days2-5 days10-15 days5-10 days
Frequent Asked Questions

One Person Company

Incorporating an OPC with EAdvisors is easy and hassle free procedure. Fill the form and we will contact you soon for straightforward OPC Registration.

No chance, an individual can be a member only in one OPC as stated by the MCA under the Companies Act, 2013.

Contact a professional expert like EAdvisors for easy accomplishment of One Person Company Registration process.


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