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Tag: Input Tax Credit

GSTR 9C Filing

GSTR 9C Filing

What is GSTR 9C? Through this guide learn whether GSTR 9C filing is compulsory to file or not and the contents of Audit Report GSTR 9C.

Center empower Competition Commission to handle anti-profiteering cases

anti-profiteering cases under CGST

Read GST update released by CBIC department stating “Center seeks to empower the Competition Commission to handle anti-profiteering cases.

Amendment Allowed in GSTR-9A – B2B Invoice

amendment allowed in GSTR-9 B2B Invoices

Check out the latest update as released by Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs relating to “Rate of Exchange Notification”.

Offences and Penalties attracted under GST

Here are some of the offences and penalties that are applicable on taxpayer in case of violation of an law of the CGST Act.

Reversal of ITC in case of non-payment of consideration

Reversal of ITC

Read the latest update that is regarding reversal of ITC in case of non payment of consideration within 180 days w.e.f. 01.10.2022.

Advisory on filing TRAN-1/2 Forms to Claim Transitional Credit

Advisory on filing TRAN 1

Get to know the latest GST Update which is the Advisory on Filing TRAN-1/2 forms to claim Transitional Credit.

E-Invoice under GST

E-Invoice Under GST

Learn all about E-Invoice under GST including its need, applicability, non-applicability and benefits therein.

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