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UPDATE   Section 194P has been inserted by Finance Act 2021

TDS Compliance

A comprehensive guide to TDS compliance and various issues a taxpayer should know about

Popular searches: TDS Return, TDS Payment, TDS Penalties

TDS Introduction

A comprehensive guide to Tax Deducted at Source  journey in India.


TAN Registration

Guide cover who required to get TAN registration and procedure of registration.

TDS Return

TDS return for Salary, Non Salary payment, Sale of immovable property etc.

TDS Payment

TDS is required to be pay on monthly basis under different category on tin nsdl portal.

TDS Certificate

TAN holder deducting tax is also required to generate TDS certificate from traces site and issue within specified time. 

TCS Overview and Rates

Guide covers section wise applicable rate of TCS along with threshold limit.


TDS Rates

This guide cover Tax Deduction at Source rate and threshold limit for deduction of tax.

TDS Reporting

TDS related reporting is required in Tax Audit Report under various clause like non deduction, section wise deduction, return filing detail etc.

TDS Penalties

Non compliance and non payment of tds can cost you monetary as well as non monetary penalties.

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