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Eating House License with EAdvisors

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Drafting of Application

Drafting of application for getting license will get started after all the documents and information is received to us.

Issuance of Certificate

After the concerned deapartment  issues the license in some days, we will be forwarding it to you.


A License, required for conducting food supplying businesses like food shops, restaurants, food vans, lounges, and cafeteria. It is issued by the respective State Police. If we talk about Delhi, then as per the Delhi Pollution Act, for all the eating houses within the jurisdiction of Delhi, it is mandatory to have an eating house license that is issued by the respective police authority. In case of Delhi, Delhi Police issued the license for operating eating houses.

So, if you are looking to open a food stall or food restaurant, then Eating House License is a must for you.

As per the legal provision of “Regulations for keeping places of Public Entertainment in the Union Territory of Delhi” operating an eating house without registration is punishable under Section 28/112 DP Act and violation of Delhi Eating House Registration Regulations, 1980.

This license is essential as it safeguards the health of the public by ensuring properhealth standards are being followed by every eating house establishment. Also, having a license grants you with a lot of benefits beneficial for your eating house business.

As per the previous provision applicable provision, for opening an eating house, one used to apply for Eating House License by taking authorisation from three main authorities namely, pollution committee (in case of Delhi it is Delhi Pollution Control Committee), then applying under MCD and thirdly with Delhi Police. In that particular time, opting for eating house license used to be a complicated process. However, the process has now been simplified and a unified portal has been launched where all three authorities together grants the Eating House License.  The unified portal for licensing of Eating/Lodging & Boarding Establishments in Delhi is Eating/Boarding License-MHA-Ministry of Home Affairs. By filing a single application on this portal you can easily get.

The application which is required to be filed by the applicant contain 8 important parts which must be filled, the 8 important parts are:-

  • Applicant Details
  • Trade Details
  • Establishment Details
  • Property Details
  • Municipal Taxes
  • Other Statutory Compliances
  • DPCC Clearance
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Other information

By filing all these information, you will easily get Eating House License by all three authorities in on go.


Documents required by Applicant

1. Proof of Identity (Aadhaar Card and in case not available then Passport, Voter Identification Card, PAN Card or Driving Licence shall be provided )
2. PAN of the Proprietor/Company/Firm

Business Entity related documents

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Number of Directors and Current DIR-12 and Board Resolution for conducting the business, nomination of authorized signatory/ applicant on the company’s letter head.
3. Proof of Address of unit (Aadhaar or Voter ID or Passport or Electricity Bill or Landline Telephone Bill or Rent/Lease Deed or Property Ownership documents)
4. Proof of ownership
5. Copy of last paid Water Bill
6. Copy of last paid Electricity Bill

Documents required of property

1. Structural Safety Certificate of the building issued by architect/empanelled structural engineer
2. Electrical Safety Certificate issued by the Electrical Inspector, Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi or an Electrical Contractor duly licenced by them.
3. Safety certificate of passenger lift (if applicable)
4. Proof of property tax paid (if applicable)
5. Details of regularization charges paid.(required only if building bye laws have not been complied with)
6. Details of conversion charges paid as applicable under MPD-2021. If yes, upload receipt thereof. (required only if there has been change of land use.)
7. Details of parking charges paid to the Urban Local Body. If yes, upload receipt thereof. (not required if sufficient in house parking space is available)

Document for pollution clearance

  1. Water Bill
    2.Noise Report of D.G. Set(s) (if installed)
    3.Proof of provision for two bin system for solid waste management
    4.Proof of installation of organic waste convertor
    5. Proof of installation of Rain Water Harvesting Pits
    6. Registration Certificate under Shops & Establishment Acts, issued by Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi.
    7. Project Report giving details of the unit, proposed capital investment, various activities, nos. of workers & employees, Manufacturing Process in Detail with flow chart, raw materials, products & byproducts (with quantity per day), details of water consumption& discharge, source of waste water/ emissions and proposed pollution control system/ measures (details of design & constitute units), as applicable
    8. Lay out plan –In the layout plan of the unit dimensions & directions are to be indicated so that exact boundary of the unit is known
    9. Proof of possession of plot/ allotment letter/ lease deed. In case of rental premises, valid rent agreement
    10.Certificate from Chartered Accountant
    11. ETP/STP effluent analysis report from empanelled laboratory of DPCC not more than six month old, if applicable
    12.Stack monitoring report(s) from empanelled laboratory of DPCC not more than six month old , if applicable
    13.Copy of CGWA/DJB/DC Permission/ Registration (if applicable)
    14. Proof regarding connection of their drainage system to the Public / Municipal / Delhi Jal Board Sewer from the concerned Authority (DJB/MCD/NDMC/DCB). OR Self-certified undertaking that the unit is having proper connection of their drainage system to the Public /Municipal /Delhi Jal Board Sewer shall be taken where units are located in the sewered areas
    15. Valid License from Food Safety Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi in case of the units using tobacco as raw material

Other Documents required

1.FSSAI Certificate. (required only for Eating Establishments)
2. GST Registration Certificate in the name of the Establishment
3. Details of Pest Control measures taken (attach certificate)
4. Does the Establishment permits/ proposes to permit smoking in the premises. Note: Eating Houses with seating capacity below 30 seats and Lodging Houses below 30 rooms are not permitted to provide smoking zone. If no, furnish affidavit on the prescribed format declaring that the Establishment is a complete no smoking area. If yes, details of space earmarked for smoking in terms of G.S.R. No. 500(E) dated 23rd May, 2017, (COTPA Act 2003).
5. Prescribed Affidavit for Delhi Police
6. Prescribed Affidavit/Undertaking for Municipal Bodies
7. Prescribed Certificate for Delhi Fire Service as per Rule 35(2) of DFS Rules, 2010
8. Proof of installation of CCTV system with 30 days recording such as invoice, technical report of installation, or AMC, and photographs, etc.
9.List of all employees with name, parentage & address along with Police Verification Certificate or proof of submission thereof in jurisdictional Police Station
10.Medical Certificate of the employees with photographs
11.List of trained Fire Staff (for lodging establishments only)
12.Sanction/ approved/ as built plans of the premises/ establishment
 13. Environmental Clearance certificate for hotel having built up area more than 20000 sq mts.


  1. Creates a healthy reputation in the market
  2. Easy to avail loan in the future
  3. Increases profits of a company, as license depicts healthy and good quality food is prepared.


EAdvisors provides you facility to get Eating Hous License from home. Provide us document through email or whatsapp. EAdvisors will assist you throughout the process.

  • We provide 24-7 support to out clients.
  • Confidentiality of infomation
  • Guidance as and when required
  • Charges are cost-effective
  • Assurity of professionalism

Eating House License

Step by Step Registration Process

Drafting of documents

An affidavit is required to be prepared which the professional appointed by you shall be drafting in the appropriate manner. Contact EAdvisors to get easy and hassle-free Eating House License.

Drafting and filing of application

The professional provided to you shall draft and file the necessary application with the department concerned.

Scrutinization of Application and documents attached

The eating house license shall be processed simultaneously by all the stake holders viz, Municipal Corporations, Delhi Fire Service, DPCC and Delhi Police.

Grant of Eating House License

If the department is satisfied with all the documents submitted the, license shall be granted.

How we work

Day 1

The first day is when a client sends documents. The day when we receive the client’s documents that are required for the registration process.

Day 2-3

Within 2-3 days, all the necessary applications and documents are drafted. Like Affidavit, undertaking, project report etc. All the necessary application shall be drafted in the two days time period.

Day 4

After all the applications and documents are drafted, now comes the main step that is filing of application with the department.

Day 5

After the application is filed, the department concerned takes few days for verification of documents. And after being satisfied grants the license

Day 10-12

The grant of eating house license depends on the departments. If the department feels that the information is not appropriate the, it can ask the applicant to re-send the application.


Delhi Pollution Control Committe


MCD Clearance

Eating House NOC

Eating House License

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EAdvisors Eating House Registration package provides you Delhi Pollution Control Committee Clearance, MCD Clearance, Eating House License and also assistance as may be required.

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With guaranteed 10-12 days registration, we provide our clients with issuance of Certificate by ROC. Considering one day when documents will be received by us from our clients, then other two days for name approval procedure that is considered by ROC and another day for filing application for Incorporation of Company. On 10th day as we commit, will provide you with certificate of incorporation,

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Eating House License

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As the world is also getting advance within time, we have also established online way of accepting documents and creating your company.

Eating House License

Frequently Asked Questions

A necessary license which is necessary for establishing a food outlet where food is prepared and served to people.

Contact EAdvisors to get easy and hassle-free Eating House License.

Not at all. Operating an eating house without obtaining eating house license is not possibe as it is a mandatory compliance.


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