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Patent Registration


The Patent Act, 1970 is the act governing patent that is extended to whole of India. It is the act that provide all the rights of the invention related to its controlling, making, using, selling or importing patented product or process for producing that product. Under the act, rights of the person who invented an invention is secured after getting Patent Registration. However, there are some criteria of patent which depends on various factors.

Either an individual or a firm can apply for patent registration to enjoy intellectual property rights over an invention. The only condition being is, that the patent must be unique and original, not having duplicacy. And to prove it, appropriate evidences are required to be provided to proof the uniqueness of the patent.


There are some specified persons under the Patent Act, 1970 who are allowed to get Patent Registration. The application for patent of an invention may be made by any of the following persons, namely:-

  1. by any person claiming to be true and first investor of the invention;
  2. by any person being the assignee of the person claiming to be the true and first inventor in respect of the right to make such an application;
  3. by the legal representative of any deceased person who immediately before his death was entitled to make such an application.

The above mentioned persons either individually or jointly can apply for patent registration in India.


As per the Patent Act, 1970 following mentioned are the inventions that are not allowed to be patented. These are:-

  1. an invention that has no meaning or which claims anything obviously contrary to well established natural laws;
  2. an invention that is for intended use or commercial exploitation that can result in contravention to the existing public order or morality or can cause serious health problems to humans, animals or plant life or health or the environment;
  3. the mere discovery of a scientific principal or the formulation of an abstract theory or discovery of any living thing or non-living substance occurring in nature;
  4. the basic discovery of a new form of a new substance non resulting in enhancement of the effectiveness or a discovering new property or a machine or apparatus unless such known process results in the ultimate new product or employs at least one new reactant.
  5. a substance obtained by a mere admixture resulting only in the aggregation of the properties of the components thereof or a process for producing such substance;
  6. the mere arrangement or re-arrangement or duplication of known devices each functioning independently of one another in a known way;
  7. Omitted by the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2002
  8. a method of agriculture or horticulture;
  9. any process for the medicinal, surgical, curative, prophylactic diagnostic, therapeutic THE PATENTS ACT, 1970 Page 9 or other treatment of human beings or any process for a similar treatment of animals to render them free of disease or to increase their economic value or that of their products.
  10. plants and animals in whole or any part thereof other than microorganisms but including seeds, varieties and species and essentially biological processes for production or propagation of plants and animals;
  11. a mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se or algorithms;
  12. a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work or any other aesthetic creation whatsoever including cinematographic works and television productions;
  13. a mere scheme or rule or method of performing mental act or method of playing game;
  14. a presentation of information;
  15. topography of integrated circuits;
  16. an invention which in effect, is traditional knowledge or which is an aggregation or duplication of known properties of traditionally known component or components.


  1. Form 1 is to be filed that contains information relating to name and address of the inventor, name, and address of the applicant and other declarations.
  2. Form 2 – Provisional or complete specification of Patent in duplicate and in case the provisional specification is filed; it must be followed by the complete specification within 12 months.
  3. Form 3 – Information and undertaking highlighting the number, filing date & current status of each foreign patent application in duplicate
  4. Abstract and necessary information of the invention made by the party in duplicate
  5. The Priority document is to be attached when directed by the Controller, if in case the priority date is claimed in convention application
  6. Form 5 – Declaration of inventor-ship, if the provisional specification is followed by a complete specification or in case of convention/PCT national phase
  7. Form 26 – Power of attorney, if Patent Agent was appointed
  8. Fees of the Patent registration to be paid in cash/cheque/demand draft.

Patent Registration

Step by Step Registration Process

Collecting information and documents

Like area of invention, all about the invention, working of invention, its advantages and most importantly illustrative drawing of the patent. All this essential information are required to be given by the client.

Checking its applicability

As per the Patent Act, 1970 there are some exception which means some of the inventions can’t be patent. So, it is important to check whether it is falling under the applicability of the Act or not.

Checking its Valid Criteria

To register under the Patent Act, some criteria need to be followed. Therefore, third step include checking the criteria. The Criteria is as follows:
Industrial application

Drafting the application

Now, comes the important aspect of drafting the application for getting patent registered.

Publishing the application

After filing the complete application, the application shall be published after 18 months of first filing. And in case of early publication, a kind request can be made to the department. Within a month, patent application is published.

Sending the examination request

Only after filing the request, the controller send the application to the examiner who examines the application and check the criteria. The criteria includes:- Patentable subject matter, Novelty, Non-obviousness, inventive step, industrial application, enabling. After examining, first examination report is created which is known as patent prosecution.

Responding to objections (if arises)

If any objection appears then, it is necessary to file an objection and prove the invention is eligible to be patented.

Clearing the objections

From our side, application is filed to clear the objections that appeared. It is our duty to make sure you get the approval of Patent Registration without any problem.

Grant of Patent

After the prescribed criteria for a Patent Registration is met, license will be  granted by the Controller, published in the Official Gazette of the Patent office and at last the certificate shall be issued to the applicant.

Drafting of Application

In the package, drafting of necessary registration application is included.

Filing of Application

We will be filing the application with the department as well.

Constant Support

In case of any doubt, our experts are there for you to help you.

Expert Advice

Not only during the registration process, but also for the future business expansion, our experts are there to advice you.

What you get in this package?

We are offering you ultimate package of registration of  Patent.

EAdvisors Patent Registration package provides you with drafting of application, filing of application, constant support, expert advice.

Quality Efficient Services

We at EAdvisors are here with our professional services and experts to serve you. We have successfully satisfied our clients with their requirements since a long time and will continue it all time. EAdvisors has 99 % of customer retention ratio.

Our Quality work says it all!

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24*7 Support

To provide constant support to our customers, we are available on WhatsApp as well as on Email. For consulting us directly you may call or WhatsApp us at: +91 991 0000 833 To resolve your complicated query, contact us through Email Id

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Dedicated Professional guidance

Professional experts of company registration are here at your service to assist you in incorporating companies. For making it hassle free procedure we will be assisting you a professional who will be there throughout your company registration. Your work is our duty and in the hands of our experts.

Experience the upgraded professional services from EAdvisors!

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Our work is to provide with best of services and that too with transparency. We aim to make clients that goes long with us and stay satisfied with our variety of services. No hidden charges exist and everything will be informed to you well in advance.

So, stay secured with our transparency!

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Timely Completion

With guaranteed 10-12 days registration, we provide our clients with issuance of Certificate by ROC. Considering one day when documents will be received by us from our clients, then other two days for name approval procedure that is considered by ROC and another day for filing application for Incorporation of Company. On 10th day as we commit, will provide you with certificate of incorporation,

Committed to Work! Committed to Quality!

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Promise confidentially

We have achieved alot in past years and aiming to increase it in future as well and that became possible because of our motto to keep our clients information secure with us. Stay confident while dealing with EAdvisors, your every single information will stay private with us.

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Patent Registration

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No Hidden Fees

EAdvisors is a well-known company, popular for its quality work and therefore no hidden or extra is charged by our clients.


Fast and Easy

By just sharing your documents with us on WhatsApp or email, you will get your dream company ready within 10 days only.


Order Registration

You will be given a Unique Order No. for you to track the status of company registration process. We offer this unique tracking method to given them a sense satisfaction that their work is our utmost priority. 

Secure Payments

Once the registration process gets started and payment is also made, it is our duty and responsibility to keep your payment secure and in return registering your company.

Use Local Currency

Being a company established in India, we will be accepting the payment in Indian Currency through any of the online mode of transfer.

Intelligent Working method

As the world is also getting advance within time, we have also established online way of accepting documents and creating your company.

Frequent Asked Questions

Patent Registration

A registration which is necessary to be obtained in India for inventing something. To hold the right of invention and to disallow other from using it, is the reason why patent registration is necessary.

Generally, for a limited period of 20 years the patent registration last. And the 20 years is from the filing date of the application.

There are certain types of invention that can’t be patented. These include:

  • literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works
  • a way of doing business, playing a game or thinking
  • a method of medical treatment or diagnosis
  • a discovery, scientific theory or mathematical method
  • the way information is presented
  • some computer programs or mobile apps
  • ‘essentially biological’ processes, such as cross-breeding plants, and plant or animal varieties


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