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Author: EAdvisors

What is Dormant Company in Company Law?

What is Dormant Company in Company Law

What is Dormant Company in Company Law? Read the article to know every bit of dormant company including its process.

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Corporate Social Responsibility

MCA has newly launched “Compendium on CSR” in the head of MCA Acts & Rules. Read and know everything about CSR.

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns

Having trouble finding how to file your Income Tax Return? then EAdvisors is here to help you file your ITR in an easy and hassle free way.

EWaste Management System

EWaste Management System

Learn about Ewaste management system, its objective, how to apply the process along with EPR Authorization applicability & non applicability.

Alteration in Capital Clause of MOA

Alteration of Capital Clause of MOA

Article containing the concept and procedure for altering the capital clause of the company as given under the Companies Act.

Alteration in Object Clause of MOA

Alteration in object clause of MOA

Here is the process required to be complied with in order to alter the object clause of the memorandum of association of a company.

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