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NOC from landlord for Company Registration

NOC For Company Registration

NOC is No Objection Certificate that is an official legal permission that is required to be take, if the company is allowing another company to use its office premises for the purposes of the registered office of that other company.

Not only this, but a board resolution (BR) is also required to pass in the meeting of the board of directors where no objection certificate (NOC) shall also be issued to that company. The other company will be given the copy of NOC so that they can file the copy of the NOC with the concerned department of ROC (Registrar of Companies) while filing the incorporation forms.

Below given is the format of NOC for Company Address Change

No Objection Certificate


I, ________ S/o _______ R/o ________, in a capacity of owner of the premise do hereby declare that I do not have any objection if the premises situated at <,ADDRESS>, is used by <NAME OF ENTERPRISE>(Proposed Company), as its registered address.





Place: Delhi
Date: …………




At the time of incorporation of Company, the promoters of the proposed company must furnish details of the registered company to the ROC in spice+form. For the purpose of company registration, promoters need a NOC from the owner of proposed company along with some additional documents. Any of the below stated documents can be given as a proof of registered address of a company.

  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Mobile Bill
  • Gas Bill
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